Construction Update

July 27, 2022

High Meadow Development Co. is pleased to provide you with details regarding the progress of construction in Section 9 of High Meadow Estates. Despite considerable challenges, we have
made significant progress driving construction to its eventual completion. We will be working to provide monthly updates until the completion of Section 9.


Road and Drainage Construction
The majority of road construction has been recently completed with the laying of asphalt. The final portion of road construction is the shaping of the road shoulder and the drainage ditches, which is currently underway. Please make sure your culverts are installed prior clearing for the foundation pad. It will help to expedite the completion of road construction. Customer and builders must not block the drainage ditch to access their lot. At this stage, temporary culverts should not be used. Please remove the sod if present, placing it else were in the drainage ditch, and install the permanent culvert prior to clearing. We are simultaneously working to establish vegetation on the sides of the roads and in the ditches to prevent erosion and protect the shape of the road shoulder and drainage ditches. Please don’t be alarmed if the grass or vegetation looks brown or “dead”, this is a common occurrence. We will be maintaining the vegetation until it is established which is often difficult due to the hot weather. The installation of street signs for Section 9 are scheduled to be complete by the end of the second week of August.

Detention Ponds
The completion of detention ponds in Section 9 is underway. We are working diligently to complete them as quickly as possible. Despite the challenges caused by the drought, we are working with our partners very closely to remove dirt as quickly as possible. One solution to expedite the progress of excavation, is to provide our property owners and builders with select fill from the ponds for pad creation at a cheaper rate for our mutual benefit. The estimated time it will take to complete the detention pond excavation is roughly 45 days from now.

The water lines have been completed and pressurized in Section 9. Please schedule your water tap and meter at your convenience. The water company has already started installing taps and meters. The communication and internet lines have already been completed. Gas lines have been completed and pressurized. Please schedule your yard line for the gas once your home has reached the appropriate stage of construction; typically, this is after the plumbing has been rough-in once the frame and cornice have been completed.

Entergy is the power supplier in charge of installing power utilities in Section 9. To expedite the installation of power, we have installed the conduit in order for the underground wire to be pulled throughout the section. Although Entergy allowed us to install the conduit, they would only allow their own subcontractor to pull the wire, install pull boxes, and the transformers needed to energize Section 9. Although the layout was requested over a year and a half ago, High Meadow Development Co. only received the approved layout about two months ago. The material needed for Entergy to complete Section 9 was ordered around the same time. Entergy notified High Meadow Development Co. of a national shortage of both transformers and pull boxes needed to complete power around the same time they had completed the energy layout for Section 9 with no estimate for when they would receive the needed materials. High Meadow Development Co. has been in regular contract with both Entergy, their subcontractors, and partners to source the materials as soon as possible and have created a game plan to install the needed material for all homes currently under construction.

Entergy has agreed to a meeting at the High Meadow Estates Rec. Center on August 5th, 2022 at 10:00AM to provide an in person update to any property owners and builders in Section 9 who wish to attend.

Many of our property owners and builders have offered assistance to help motivate Entergy to expedite the completion of power in Section 9 by requesting contact information so they can make their own inquiries as to when they will have the materials needed. Although we appreciate the desire to help, High Meadow Development Co. has and will continue to persistently seek out the completion of power. To that end, we currently do not believe additional inquires will help assist in motivating Entergy to complete power. High Meadow Development Co. will be providing updates as we get them for the benefit of our property owners and builders regarding the completion of energy.

– Temporary culverts – Until asphalt is installed, the developer allows temporary culverts to be installed in the roadside ditches, this will allow the roadside ditches to be cut to the proper elevation once the asphalt is completed on the road. It is always the land owner (or their representative) responsibility to install the permanent culverts once the roads are paved.
– Permanent culverts – permanent culverts are required to be installed on any lot that is under construction, AFTER the asphalt has been installed. If you are building on a lot that already has asphalt, a temporary culvert is not permitted.