Construction Update

October 5, 2022

High Meadow Development Co. is pleased to provide you with details regarding the progress of construction in Section 9 of High Meadow Estates. Despite considerable challenges, we have made significant progress in driving construction to its eventual completion. We will be working to provide monthly updates until the completion of Section 9.

Road and Drainage Construction

  • Roadside ditches are estimated to be completed in November.
  • All street signs have been installed.

Detention Ponds

  • Detention Ponds are estimated to be complete by the end of October.


  • Water is complete and pressurized. Meters can be requested by Dobbins Water.
  • Gas is complete and pressurized. Meters can be requested by Epcor.
  • Communications are complete. Consolidated Communications is the provider.


  • Entergy is the provider for power in Section 9.
  • The completion of power has been delayed due to a national shortage of transformers.
  • Shortage of “Core Steel” is main issue causing delays in manufacturing.
  • High demand and supply chain delays have made sourcing the material more difficult.
  • It does no good to pull the wire prior to installing the transformers, as the wire is likely to get stolen, and it does not expedite the completion of power in a significant way.
  • High Meadow Development Co. has requested information regarding the new delivery date for transformers for Section 9.

    Entergy has confirmed a delivery date of December based on the information they have received from the manufacturer.

    If you have questions about the delivery date or regarding the delay, please contact Nicole Grille, Customer Service Representative for Entergy.

    Please be advised, Nicole is fielding the concerns regarding the delays for all of Texas. It may take her some time to respond to your concerns.

  • Most recent estimated delivery date for transformers for Section 9 is the middle of October.

  • Most recent estimate for installing transformers is November.

  • As of 10/4/22 we requested another update from Nicole Grille, Entergy Customer Service Representative, to determine how the recent Hurricane will affect the delay in section 9. We hope to hear back by the end of the week.

Mail Kiosk

  • The mail kiosk location is on Magnolia Hollow.
  • Construction of the mail kiosk is scheduled to be completed by the end of October.


  • The boundary fence in Section 9 is scheduled to be completed by the end of October.


– Temporary culverts – Until asphalt is installed, the developer allows temporary culverts to be installed in the roadside ditches, this will allow the roadside ditches to be cut to the proper elevation once the asphalt is completed on the road. It is always the landowner’s (or their representative) responsibility to install the permanent culverts once the roads are paved.

– Permanent culverts – permanent culverts are required to be installed on any lot that is under construction, AFTER the asphalt has been installed. If you are building on a lot that already has asphalt, a temporary culvert is not permitted.

– All dates provided are subject to change due to a variety of factors, including but not limited to: weather, material, and labor availability.