Construction Update

High Meadow Estates, Section 9 – Energy Update
November 22, 2022

High Meadow Development Co. has requested a specific date for the delivery of transformers in December. Entergy has not provided a response. We will continue to request an update on the delivery status until we receive an update. It is our understanding that Entergy will provide the response as soon as they have one from the manufacturer.

High Meadow Development Co. has put together the following items as a summary response to
consistent questions from of our customers.

1. Section 5 is Entergy’s territory. From my understanding, based on recent information from Entergy, transformers cannot be pulled from Section 5. Below are details from Entergy as to why this is the case.

Transformers can be pulled from another area, but only if multiple conditions are met.
– Entergy has two primary voltages in their service territory. In order to swap transformers those voltages need to be the same.
– The underground loop feeds through the transformer therefore removing the transformer opens the circuit, de-energizing everything behind the transformer. There are two ways to mitigate this issue. First is to utilize a feed thru device that replaces the transformer but allows the circuit to continue (currently have a 6+ month lead time). Second is to find idle transformers in a location where de-energizing the circuit does not impact existing or future customers.
– Transformers are sized specifically to their connected load. In order to utilize an idle transformer, it needs to be of equal or greater size than the one it is replacing.

Entergy cannot utilize the idle transformers in Section 5 because:
– There is a step-down transformer between the Sections 5 and 9 that changes the primary voltage, so the actual transformers are not compatible. (See above)
– The loop within Section 5 also feeds Section 7 and homes to the north. Removing a transformer breaks the circuit feeding those homes. We currently do not have the necessary replacement feed through devices. (See above)

2. Question: Can one power company get transformers from another power company? Can one power company pull transformers from another power companies’ area?

a. Power companies can get transformers from other power companies, and they have purchased equipment from other utilities in the past but they are all under the same supply chain issues as Entergy. Entergy has reached out to all our neighboring utilities for assistance, but they did not have any transformers to spare.
b. No, one power company cannot pull transformers from another power company’s service area. Entergy cannot take equipment from another utility. Entergy cannot perform work on another company’s system to remove idle transformers. The other utility would need to remove the transformers and refurbish them to a point where they could be offered up for sale.

3. Regarding the shifting timeline, I have requested a detailed explanation and more realistic expectations from Entergy about the timeline and delivery dates.

The short version is that any date over 4 weeks is an estimated date based on when the manufacturer believes they will have the needed raw materials to continue production. Troy said any date provided in the 4-week window is already in production, and anything past that 4-week window is more or less
uncertain because that date is based on when the manufacturer will receive materials for the transformers which has been very volatile. Additionally, High Meadow’s position in the priority list that was created in July is still the same. The creation of the priority list does not factor in the overall size of the development, the developer or location of the subdivision.

4. In the meantime, as we wait for transformers to be delivered and installed, customers can call 1-800-ENTERGY to establish an account before power is established. The secondary conduit and meter base can also be set and inspected before the section is energized. Entergy does recommend waiting to establish service until after the section is energized but all preliminary work, establishing an account and releasing of permit holds can be performed early.