Construction Update

High Meadow Preserve – Construction Update
January 9, 2023

High Meadow Development Co. is pleased to provide details regarding progress of construction in High Meadow Preserve.  Despite considerable challenges, we have made significant progress driving construction to its eventual completion.  We will be working to provide monthly updates until the completion of High Meadow Preserve.

Road and Drainage Construction

  • Asphalt is complete.
  • Roadside ditches are substantially complete. There will be a general touch up of the entire community after the riprap is installed in the drainage easements.
  • Residents are now allowed to sod their ditches up to the road as is their responsibility as stated in the deed restrictions.

Detention Ponds

  • Excavation of the Live Oak pond will be substantially complete by the end of January. An ETA on Holly Creek Bend pond will be provided when it can be determined. Pond creation is subject to change based on weather, availability of labor, etc.


  • Water
    • Gideon Water, LLC. is the water company in High Meadow Preserve. All tap and meter requests received prior to the 1st of each month will be installed between the 1st and 15th of any given month. All tap and meter requests received prior to the 15th of will be installed between the 15th and the 1st of the following month.  Please reach out to FloWatch to schedule water tap and meter installation at the contact information below.
    • FloWatch: Dana Blair,, 281-373-4401
    • Water plant construction is ongoing. High Meadow Development Co. has requested power and is awaiting an ETA for installation.
  • Gas
    • Gas has been completed and pressurized.
    • Please contact EPCOR to schedule yard line and meter installation.
  • Power
    • Power is complete and San Bernard Electrical Cooperative is the power provider. Please contact them to schedule power services.
  • Communications
    • AT&T is the provider for phone and internet.
    • AT&T has completed installation. Please contact them for service.


  • Pet Waystations
    • The developer will install pet waystations along the walking trail when that is complete. The POA will be responsible for maintaining said stations after installation including but not limited to removing waste and replenishing bags.
  • Mail Kiosk
    • The mail kiosk site is under construction. Concrete has been poured. Mailboxes are scheduled for delivery next week. Installation has been scheduled by the end of January.
  • Fence
    • High Meadow Development Co. will not be constructing a fence between the Preserve and the neighboring RV park. At the last communication, the RV park indicated they would work with individual homeowners for fencing between those lots and the RV park.
  • Emergency Entrance Gate
    • There will be a free-standing gate installed on the emergency access road. The gate will be welded out of pipe and painted black. It will be locked and 911 will have access to the code for emergency use only. High Meadow is awaiting an ETA as to when this will be installed.


  • Temporary culverts – Until asphalt is installed, the developer allows temporary culverts to be installed in the roadside ditches, this will allow the roadside ditches to be cut to the proper elevation once the asphalt is completed on the road. It is always the landowner’s (or their representative) responsibility to install the permanent culverts once the roads are paved.
  • Permanent culverts – permanent culverts are required to be installed on any lot that is under construction, AFTER the asphalt has been installed. If you are building on a lot that already has asphalt, a temporary culvert is not permitted.
  • Please keep in mind, all schedule related items are estimated and are subject to change due to a variety of issues, including but not limited to, weather, supply chain issues, labor shortages, material shortages, etc.